Distro: Zines! …So This Is Progress flexi/zine #2 and Razorblades & Aspirin #10 added

In a time of punk and hardcore where everyone just seems to be re-posting things and that’s about it, I really appreciate the dedication these folks have put into creating a physical product.

V/A …So This Is Progress? Flexi/zine #2

One of the coolest things to happen to the central Ohio DIY scene in a while is this flexi/zine series, here’s part 2.

“16 Page Zine of Disposable camera photos taken 2001-2007 in California featuring 38 bands!

Includes 5 band flexi featuring Kiritierra, Sacrifyx, Jeffrey Donger, Kratom, Nervous Aggression.

Dedicated to Nik Ulmer” -STIP?

(2020, So This Is Progress)

Razorblades & Aspirin #10

500 Copies • 8.5X11
FULL COLOR • 80pgs

“This issue will feature interviews with photographers Alison Braun (In The Pit), Chris Boarts Larson (Slug & Lettuce), and Matthew Kadi. Plus lengthy discussions with some of my favorite bands going right now: HARAM (New York City), ENZYME (Australia), INITIATE (Los Angeles), STRIKE ANYWHERE (Richmond) and ANTIMOB (Greece) as well as a chat with Punks Around zinester, Alexander Herbert, about his recently published book “What about Tomorrow?: An Oral History of Russian Punk from the Soviet Era to Pussy Riot,” as well as a photo essay of the recent protests in Richmond by Nick Hancock and a reprint of the great Black Dots: An Afropunk Primer by Chris Murdoch.

AND, as usual, the issue will be rounded out with my own images plus reviews of records, books & zines from around the globe.” -Razorblades & Aspirin

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