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NEMESIS - Gyou-Shou EP cover
Out of print

[SOLAR022] ネメシス (Nemesis): 暁鐘 (Gyou-Shou) 7″ 

  • 2013: 1,000 pressed | 800 on black vinyl, 200 on white vinyl, all copies came with an additional photocopied insert on colored paper
  • There were 5 test presses with handmade covers
  • Split release with Flower Of Carnage and Ratbone

[SOLAR021] GASMASK TERRÖR – 17101961 7″

  • 2013: 420 pressed on black vinyl
  • 80 test presses with stamped labels were made and sold on their west coast US tour
  • A European pressing of this record exists with a different cover
  • Split release with SPHC
Icon Gallery EP cover

[SOLAR019] ICON GALLERY – Valiance b/w The Pact 7″

  • 2012: 400 pressed | 300 on black vinyl and 100 on purple vinyl with obi
  • 105 test presses with stamped labels sold on their 2012 eastern US tour
gasmask terror - like daggers ep
Out Of Print

[SOLAR018] GASMASK TERRÖR – Like Daggers 7″

  • 2012: 300 pressed on gold translucent vinyl, 2nd pressing
  • 5 test pressings with different hand-made covers
  • Split release with Ratbone and Flower Of Carnage
warning//warning lp
Down to the last copies

[SOLAR017] WARNING//WARNING – There’s Nothing Left 12″

  • 2011: 1,000 pressed | 900 on black vinyl, 100 on smokey blue vinyl with an additional tour poster insert (courtesy of Christopher Sommer) and obi. All copies came with a two-sided lyric insert
  • 2 different test pressings of 7, the first batch was rejected due to a strange noise on one side
  • Split release with Flower Of Carnage and Kick Rock
NEMESIS - Dou-Koku EP cover
Out of print

[SOLAR016] ネメシス (Nemesis): 慟哭 (Dou-Koku) 7″ 

  • 2011 first pressing: 1,000 black vinyl with one-sided photocopied insert
  • 2012 second pressing: 300 blue vinyl with the same insert
  • Split release with Flower Of Carnage and Ratbone
NUKKEHAMMER - Soviet Rust Belt EP front cover
Out of print

[SOLAR012] NUKKEHAMMER – Soviet Rust Belt E.P. 7″

  • 2011 first pressing: 500 | 400 black vinyl, 100 clear vinyl with an additional silk screened cover | there were some black vinyl copies sold on the west coast tour that also came with the silk screened cover, there were also a few transitional color vinyl copies
  • 2011 second pressing: 500 black vinyl
  • Split release with Hesitation Wounds and SPHC
Gasmask Terror - Black Sun Fake Gold LP cover
Out of print

[SOLAR011] GASMASK TERRÖR – Black Sun/Fake Gold 12″

  • 2010: 700 pressed on black vinyl with insert | Roughly 50 mailorder copies came with a silk screened cover, a few had glow-in-the-dark ink
  • Split release with I Feel Good
Nukkehammer - The Future Of Siberia CS
Out of print

[SOLAR010] NUKKEHAMMER – The Future Of Siberia CS 2nd demo

  • 2010 first pressing: 100 on black cassettes with two-sided insert
  • 2010 second pressing: 100 on clear cassettes
  • Roughly 20 The Future Of Baltimore versions were made and sold at a show in Baltimore, MD with different covers and insert on home dubbed and stamped tapes
  • The first two versions were split released with Life Rot
  • This, along with the first demo tape was released on a 12″ by Hardware Records in 2011
Silo Ask The Question CS demo
Out of print

[SOLAR009] SILO – Ask The Question CS demo

  • 2012: Roughly 15 made with a two-sided, photocopied cover for a show at Carabar in Columbus, OH with Tragedy, Struck By Lightning, and Nukkehammer on 5/17/12.
  • This was supposed to have a proper release run as a split with Sacred Tapes (USA), but it was not meant to be.
Penis Geyser - Lotus Fucker split EP
Out of print


  • 2010: 500 pressed on black vinyl with two-sided insert
  • 50 test presses were made and not sold on the LF / PG tour because the covers were at the FEDEX facility and were not released to us in Columbus. Yes, I am still salty about it.
  • Split release with SPHC
Black Dove - No Future No Fate LP cover
Down to the last copies

[SOLAR005] BLACK DOVE – No Future/No Fate 12″

Black Dove - December 2005 Demo CS
Out of print

[SOLAR004] BLACK DOVE – December 2005 Demo CS

  • 2006: 100 printed on black cassettes with a two-sided, photocopied cover
  • The band self-released 200 of the demos on silk screened CDRs
Fighting Dogs EP cover
Out of print


  • 2007: 500 pressed with two-sided insert, cover art by Moses Saarni | 400 on black vinyl | 100 on green vinyl with obi, sticker, and an additional silk screen poster with art by Mike Bukowski. Some came with a Pickles sticker
  • 50 final show test presses with a different silk screened cover and photocopied insert
The Awakening Eternal Blizzard LP cover
Available again

[SOLAR002] THE AWAKENING – Eternal Blizzard 12″

Dismal - Terra Plague EP cover

[SF001] DISMAL – Terra Plague 7″

  • 2005: 1,000 pressed | 900 black vinyl, most came with a poster by Mike Bukowski | 100 on translucent black smoke vinyl, 80 came with a sticker and poster